Netflix speed test

Bell vs Rogers internet: Bell faster than Rogers according to Netflix

If there is one company that knows when your internet connection is chugging, it’s Netflix. Every month Netflix names and shames internet service providers in their ISP Speed Index site. If you’re wondering how Canadian ISPs fared, here are the top ten for July:

Netflix ISP index July 2015

As you can see Bell’s fibre network takes the top slot in the latest rankings, easily topping Rogers’ network who is all the way down in 7th place. Telus, the next of Canada’s “Big Three” is even slower at 9th place. You’ll notice that they didn’t measure Rogers’ fibre network which is worth noting.

Obviously anything in the top ten isn’t terrible, but it must be nice for Bell to be able to rub Rogers’ nose in it (just a little bit).

How is your internet speed? Is it keeping up with Netflix’s Ultra HD offerings? Let us know in the comments below.