The best cord cutter resources on the web

The best cord cutter resources on the web

I’ve noticed something on the web. Most of the resources for cord cutters are REALLY shallow. They may be a short “guide’ on a tech website or simply just an article mentioning how cord cutting is getting popular. But almost none of these sites add real value for people that are trying to cut the cord.

So I have brought together the best resources that I have found around the web so you don’t have to sift through the bad stuff. I am not affiliated with any of these website.  I just find their content useful.

The best cord cutter resources on the web (as of now)

1. Cord Cutters News

Finally a website that actually provides useful information for cord cutters. They do good reviews and are quick on the draw when it comes to cutting edge news.

2. Reddit r/cordcutters

This is the most active space on the web around cord cutting. If you’re not a Redditor yet, now is a good time to start as this community is really active. People are willing to answer questions on there as well.

3. The Verge cord cutting cost guide

One of the few major websites that provides useful tools for consumers. The Verge has put together this tool that allows you to figure out how much it would cost you per month to get all of your content online.  It’s US centric, but is still quite useful for beginners.

4. Adventures in Canadian Cord Cutting

A nice cord cutting blog written from a Canadian point of view. As a Canadian myself, I find the perspective very helpful as we often get the short end of the stick in terms of cord cutting content.

5. Cordkillers

This is the real deal ran by folks that truly care about releasing you from the clutches of the cable company. A unique feature of this site is their focus on content.  What was on last night and how awesome/not awesome was it? They also have a great podcast.


I’ll add more resources as I find them.  But for now I think these are your best choice for in-depth coverage of cord cutting.