Cord cutting FAQ

Welcome to our cord cutting FAQ. Hopefully you will find an answer here.  If not, send me an email!

Who is Cord Breaker?
Hi!  My name is Mark and I work in Ottawa, Canada at a non profit organization that has nothing to do with cord cutting.  I simply want to help other people learn some of the tricks I have implemented over the past few years.  I’m passionate about cord cutting and can’t stand when people get ripped off by big telecom companies.
What is cord cutting?
Cord cutting is simple.  It involves cancelling (or sometimes drastically reducing) your cable TV service in favour of using video streaming services and hardware. Most people have heard of Netflix, which is a great example of a great cord cutting video service. Cord cutting is a mix of:  reducing costly TV services, buying relatively cheap hardware, and finding the right video content from providers like Netflix to get you all of the content you want.
How do I get started?
The first step is to read. Get familiar with the ideas around cord cutting. Figure out what content you actually need.  Are you a hockey fan?  Can you not live without all of the Ottawa Senators’ home games? Well then you should be looking at NHL Gamcenter. And so on… Cord Breaker will continue to provide informative guides and tips on this website.  Make sure you sign up to our e-newsletter for exclusive content.
Is cord cutting legal?
Absolutely! Everything you will see on this site is 100% legal. You’d be surprised how much TV content is just waiting for you (much of it for free).
Does Cord Breaker help with cord cutting?
As of right now Cord Breaker is going to focus on getting really great guides up for you to read. But if you have any burning questions you can definitely send me an email.
Do you make money off this site?
The main purpose of this site is to help beginners understand cord cutting. In order to do that sometimes I may recommend a product. I only recommend products that I have first hand personal experience with. Sometimes links that I post may be affiliate links, meaning that if someone purchases the product then I get a small commission (at no extra cost to the purchaser). I will always strive to be transparent about this.