How to watch HBO Now on Chromecast

How to stream HBO Now with Chromecast

I can hear the celebrations in the streets. You can now enjoy HBO without a cable subscription at all. ¬†That’s right. None. This isn’t HBO Go, which needed a traditional cable TV subscription with HBO to work. HBO Go is a standalone product. And of course, this is music to the ears of cord cutters. But until now, the only way to enjoy this service on your TV setup was through Apple TV. Not anymore!

HBO Now Game of Thrones

How are you going to watch all of your favourite characters get killed off without cable?

HBO Now has launched Chromecast support with both their iOS and Android app. Because of this I honestly don’t think there is a better time to grab a Chromecast. It’s $39 people!

How to stream HBO Now with Chromecast

It’s really simple. And if you are familiar with Google’s Chromecast at all you’re all set. For those of you that are new to the platform, here is the low down.¬†Essentially you will use your phone or tablet to log into the HBO Now platform (which is $15 a month in the US). Once in the app you will see a Chromecast button like the one highlighted below. By clicking this your Chromecast will be told to fetch whatever video you select in the HBO Now app. And it’s as simple as that! If you need any extra info on the Chromecast and it’s capabilities, check out our Chromecast Guide.

HBO Now Chromecast button

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