Get American Netflix with a VPN

How to get American Netflix in Canada with a VPN

If you live outside of the US you probably know all too well the frustration of not being able to access some of the best video content on the web. SNL, Key and Peele, a boatload of US Netflix content, Hulu… It’s all locked away from the rest of the world. But there is a super easy way to get access to this content on Netflix, Hulu and pretty much any other site that uses geo-blocking.  The answer:  A VPN, or virtual private network.

How to get American Netflix in Canada with a VPN

Basically a VPN just routes your internet traffic through another server that is located somewhere other than where you live. So you could install a VPN from the US and make websites like Netflix and Hulu think that you are accessing their site from the US.

Which VPN should I choose?

I have tried out several (both free and paid) and have been most happy with Private Internet Access. And if you do a quick search online you’ll see that a lot of users trust them with their data. They don’t keep any logs and have a stellar reputation and good customer service. And best of all, the service is VERY fast. You see, when you route your internet traffic through another server, there can sometimes be drops in speed.  But with Private Internet Access it really doesn’t slow down at all.  I can still consistently enjoy 1080p streaming with surround sound on Netflix without a hitch, all while enjoy that sweet sweet American Netflix content. It’s quite simply the best VPN service out there right now.

Get access to American Netflix now


How do I get started?

To get up and running head on over to the Private Internet Access VPN website here. Click the big “Get Started Now” button to start your setup.

How to get American Netflix in Canada with a VPN

Probably the best value is going for the one year plan, which works out to $3.33 a month. And believe me, it is well worth the price of admission. You’ll get access to all of this extra online content from around the world, but also be secure in knowing that your identity is protected online. So if you like torrenting (if you’re into that kind of thing), Private Internet Access can give you a bit of piece of mind.

Private Internet Access works on pretty much any device you own (Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad) and is pretty foolproof to use.  It’s simply an app that you open up, select the server you want to use and then click connect! So if I want to access UK Netflix, I can connect to a server in the UK. Same for Japan, the US, Canada etc.

How do I use the Private Internet Access App?

This is the super easy part. Once you sign up for the service they will send you both your login info as well as a link to go download their app for your different devices. For Android you’ll see the PIA app on Google Play and for iOS you’ll see it on the App Store.  I use both Windows PCs and Macs at home and both work the exact same way.  When you want to mask your location, simply open up the app. When it first starts you’ll see a little man icon appear in your taskbar (Windows) or the top menu bar (Mac). He will be red, meaning that you are currently NOT connected to any Private Internet Access servers.

Private Internet Access icon - How to get American Netflix in Canada with a VPN

On Windows, right click on this little icon and then you’ll see a long list of the different possible servers to connect to. I recommend finding one that that is closest to your actual location. So if I am in Alberta, Canada I may want to choose the “US Midwest” server since it is relatively close geographically. So click on “Connect US Midwest” and the little red man will slowly turn into a little green man. Once he is a bright green colour then you are good to go. Netflix and Hulu will now think you live somewhere in the US Midwest and will grant you access to this content.

Connecting to a server with Private Internet Access VPN - How to get American Netflix in Canada with a VPN


So that’s it! Definitely consider signing up for Private Internet Access. It’s ease of use, reliability and speed are heads and shoulders above its competition. It just works. That’s why I have used it consistently for the past year and a half. Happy Netflixing!

Get access to American Netflix now


Please note that I do get a small commission if you click on the links above (at no cost to you). I have used Private Internet Access for over a year now and absolutely love their service and would not be promoting it if I wasn’t totally happy with it.  If you have any questions please do send me an email.